23 | Student | Germany

About me

Hey there, I'm David!
I am a 23 years old student from Germany with Portuguese roots.
As a kid of the 90s I got involved in technology and computers pretty early on. My first experience being
a C64, messing around in BASIC when I was around the age of 8.
It became clear pretty quickly that this was going to be the metier I wanted to get into. Over the years I have created several web projects and presences for friends and family, solely as a passion.
Recently I started focusing building a career out of my front-end skill set
as well as getting started with the back-end side of coding. For that I need to enhance my portfolio so I'm looking forward to any job opportunities and projects to work on.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

GFX & VFX Design

Graphic design and video edits don't have to be expensive. With many years of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and others,
I can certainly meet your needs.

Web Development

Responsive and interactive design is where it's at today. If these principles appeal to you,
I am sure I can help you with your online presence at a very competitive price.

System administration

Need someone to set up, troubleshoot and maintain your Linux or Windows servers? I can also advise you in choosing the right software and equipment geared to your needs.

Hit me up!